Brisket Ain't Cheap...... It Certainly Isn't!

People often question us on the rising cost of Barbecue. Barbecue has a rich, and often debated, history. But, it is generally agreed that it is a truly American original cuisine that was developed throughout the rural and urban south as an inexpensive way to feed a lot of folks. Fast forward to 2015: record high beef prices, record low cattle herds, and the rising popularity of barbecue and you have the perfect storm for high prices. Believe me, if it was up to us we would much rather sell Brisket at $10.00 a pound, but it is just not financially feasible.

Take a few minutes to read this article from TMBBQ. It's a pretty good read that really shows the position of the Barbecue joint owners and the struggles we face to keep prices affordable for our customers and still be able to make a dime in the process. Brisket and pulled pork are especially tough due to the high percentage of loss during the cook. At a 50% loss during the cook, our price per pound is doubled on the finished produce. Bad Betty's Barbecue uses the best meat we can find, and we refuse to sacrifice quality for price. We hope, and believe, that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. As the market recovers, and wholesale prices return to a somewhat normal level, our pricing will adjust with the market.

Thanks for your support!

Bad Betty